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We Are a Reliable Bad Credit Home Loan Broker

There are a variety of circumstances that could cause you to have a poor credit rating. You could suddenly lose a job, suffer an injury that prevents you from working, be in the process of getting a divorce or lose your household’s breadwinner which results in a negative rating and possible judgements on your name. Obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home becomes a difficult task as you must work your way around your credit status. Credit Mend Australia is a bad credit home loan broker that acts on your behalf to secure you a mortgage through various channels.

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Tips on How to Obtain a Home Loan with Bad Credit Rating

If your credit profile contains judgements, defaults and other misdemeanours, it’s highly unlikely a bank will provide you with the funds for a new home. For this reason, you need a broker by your side who will carefully consider your credit history and create unconventional solutions. 

  • With the years of experience they’ve garnered, a broker can help you secure a home loan with a bad credit rating. They have established working relationships with the appropriate lenders who assess borrowers on an individual basis. They will evaluate your financial needs and contact a suitable creditor to assist. 
  • Their qualifications and knowledge enable them to think about various solutions that they can tailor to borrowers that don’t match the traditional lending criteria. As such, a broker helps to shape your mortgage structure so you can continuously meet your payments instead of damaging your credit history. 
  • Applying for credit regularly reflects negatively on your profile and if you approach a financial institution by yourself, the bank may decline your application. Instead of attempting to obtain the funds by applying to multiple banks, using a broker reduces the number of credit enquiries on your name and helps you repair your credit file to make you eligible for a mortgage from a particular lender. 
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What to Expect from Credit Mend Australia Regarding a First-Time Home Buyer Loan with Bad Credit

While some black marks on your credit profile are immovable, we can assist with other judgements against your name, especially if the procedures weren’t legal. 

  • We are here to help you restore your credit score and give you financial control once more. To date, we’ve had a 99 percent successful conversion rate, and we’ve removed 97.5 percent of bad credits against our clients. 
  • We don’t charge you any feed upfront and only accept payment if we’re successful with your case. As a result, you don’t lose money and you can completely trust our services. 
  • To start the process, we require your details for a free credit assessment. This information allows us to fully understand your credit history, so we’re in a better place to assist. 
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About Credit Mend Australia

We have over a decade of experience in removing bad credit and assisting people with obtaining home loans despite their adverse credit profile. We understand your situation and ensure that we treat you with care while maintaining our ethical values. 

Contact us to begin the process of obtaining a home loan for you. 

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