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Why is Business Credit Repair Necessary?

Credit scores link directly to the interest rates banks and creditors may charge. Whether you want to ensure that your company is in a favourable financial position or considering the possible liquidation of your business, Credit Mend Australia can help. We will assess your company’s financial status and credit rating and provide you with a business credit repair solution best suited to your situation.

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Benefits of Credit Mend Australia

Our directors have extensive experience in management roles with some of the top credit repair companies. You can be confident that you will be dealing with a team that understands the consequences of a bad credit rating and one that will exhaust all options to improve your company’s rating.

  • We can renegotiate terms of credit with creditors on your behalf, with a revised repayment amount that is affordable for your business, extend the terms, or reduce the interest rate.
  • Another option we can look at is negotiating a moratorium with the creditor. This is when a creditor will reduce or freeze payments for a period of three to six months.
  • We assist our clients with other areas to focus on to improve credit ratings and can work out a solution that will be suitable for your business.
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Problems Credit Mend Australia Addresses

We help businesses and individuals with removing incorrectly lodged credit files. Our experience in the industry will ensure a satisfactory resolution within 30 days. We only charge if you meet all the criteria, and we confirm that the creditor didn’t follow the correct credit laws and procedures when lodging the bad credit claim.

  • We understand that each business and individual’s situation and circumstances are different and bear this in mind when developing debt solutions.
  • Not everyone is good with negotiating; we will consult with your creditors to find a suitable repayment solution for both parties. Possible options include moratoriums, extended terms, a more affordable repayment amount, or a lower interest rate. 
  • One of our registered practitioners can work with small to medium businesses with debts that are less than $1M and restructure their debts while they continue to trade. This option is more favourable than liquidating the company.
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What You Stand to Gain When You Use Credit Mend Australia

You will have a team on your side with over ten years of experience in some of the top credit repair companies. We can assist small and medium businesses and individuals with credit repair solutions. Our support includes but is not limited to, removing credit files before the term expires when the incorrect credit laws and procedures were followed by the creditor when reporting you. Let us negotiate with creditors and formulate debt solutions on your behalf. 

We assess each case and determine if we can successfully assist our approved clients and only charge after we have completed our investigation process.

Contact us for more information or to book a free credit repair assessment with one of our consultants to get your credit rating back on track.

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