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We Clean Up Disputable Bad Credit without Requiring You to Pay the Default First

Do you need to clean up bad credit due to defaults, infringements, a summons, or a judgment? Did your creditor follow the credit laws and procedures correctly? If not, we can get the credit file removed before the five to seven-year waiting period expires. Talk to us today.

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How to Clean a Bad Credit History – How Much Do You Know?

Your poor credit record may not have been removed from the credit file even though you’ve already paid the outstanding debt. This means that you may have to wait for up to seven years before you can make a loan or get financing again.

  • Give us a call so we can give you a comprehensive explanation of our process, the credit laws, and what we can do to assist you and restore your credit file. We will execute the required full identity information and credit check regarding all three credit files once you’ve given your written consent. Our team will clearly explain your existing credit position − as well as your options − so you can move ahead.
  • We scrutinise the procedures the company employed before recording a negative listing against you and consider your answers to both our broad and specific questions concerning your disagreement with the creditor or creditors. We obtain a complete account of what occurred between you and the plaintiff(s) or creditor(s).
  • We will approve your application and deliver the service if your circumstances meet the criteria regarding possible contraventions of the privacy laws and credit reporting codes of conduct. 

Our team will provide you with a free credit assessment. We are awaiting your call so we can help you regain your financial freedom as soon as possible.

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Solutions for How to Clean a Bad Credit History

You can negotiate a lower interest rate on a financing application, get faster approval, and save thousands of dollars on interest payments if you restore your credit history. 

  • You may not even have realised that you have bad credit before a creditor declined your loan application. You may have been aware of it but have no idea how to clean a bad credit history now that you want to resolve the situation and move forward.
  • The Australian credit laws enable us to remove the bad credit within ten to thirty days if you meet the criteria. 
  • We only charge for the service once we complete the process. We do not require an up-front fee, and our pricing is competitive. 

We believe in treating our clients ethically. We only invoice you if we were able to remove the low credit score.

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About Credit Mend Australia

We will do everything in our power to help you improve your credit rating. We want to empower you to take back control of your financial future. Our directors have been leaders in principal Australian credit repair firms and possess the required experience in credit restoration.

Contact us, and let our team remove your defaults.

We Remove Defaults