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What Are Court Judgments?

Court judgments are legal orders by the court that make a person or organisation liable to pay the money they owe a creditor plus any fees, charges, and interest. A court judgment remains on your credit file for five years and affects your opportunity of receiving credit or a favourable interest rate. Credit Mend Australia offers a free investigation into the matter; if you meet the criteria, we can assist you with removing the judgment from your credit file.

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Benefits of Credit Mend Australia

Nobody likes to be caught unaware with a credit judgment against their name, and it is even worse if the correct procedures weren’t followed, which could have allowed you to settle the debt. Getting reported to the credit reporting bodies in Australia results in a credit file against your name that remains for five to seven years.

  • Many people are unaware that if the creditor didn’t follow correct procedures in the process of lodging the bad credit, we could remove the credit file against them. Breach of legislation is a valid reason for the removal of a credit file. 
  • We will examine the procedures that were taken by the company or creditor who lodged the negative listing against you. If we find that you meet the criteria based on possible breaches in reporting the negative listing, we will assist you in have the listing removed.
  • We only charge our clients if we can indeed remove the bad credit.
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Problems Credit Mend Australia Addresses

Once you have a credit file or court judgment against your name, it remains for five to seven years even if you pay off the debt before the period ceases. This record plays a negative role should you wish to apply for a home loan or any other form of credit as your application will either be declined, or you may be charged a higher interest rate.

  • After determining if we can assist you to remove the credit file, we will help you with negotiating the settlement of the debt with the creditor.
  • It can be a complicated and daunting task to have bad credit removed from your name within the five to seven-year period. We will do the application and entire process on your behalf. 
  • Once we have followed all the required procedures and submitted all relevant documentation, you can expect to have the credit file removed between ten and thirty days. 
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Why You Should Use Credit Mend Australia

We can help you with removing a credit file against you before the end of the five to seven-year period imposed by the credit laws of Australia. Our process of accessing your situation is thorough to ensure that we will be successful in removing the credit file. We don’t want to give our clients false hope or charge fees for a case that might not be successful. We have over a decade’s worth of experience in credit restoration and will exhaust all options to provide you with the best likelihood of removing a credit file.

Contact us for advice or to see if we can assist you with restoring your credit file.

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