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Seeking a Credit Fix in Australia? Here’s What We Can Do to Help

Are you looking for a credit fix in Australia? Poor credit can affect your ability to qualify for loans, find housing, buy vehicles or real estate, land jobs and more. At Credit Mend Australia, we work with clients to help them clean bad credit and start a new chapter of their lives. If you are tired of being limited or defined by your credit score, contact us for help to forge a new path forward.

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Little Known Facts about Bad Credit and Credit Score Fix Strategies

Often, people link adverse credit and debt in their minds. In truth, though, a bad credit score doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is in debt, or even that the person has unpaid bills or other outstanding credit infringements. The entire concept of ‘bad credit’ tends to be misunderstood in Australia, including the steps necessary to achieve a credit score fix. Here are some little-known facts about credit that you should know before proceeding in trying to fix your credit situation:

  • Several factors can hurt your credit. Credit scores are often used as a metric to assess a person’s financial responsibility or ability to make timely payments on a recurring bill. A bad credit rating, therefore, can be seen by a bank or landlord as proof that a person as a risk for a loan or a rental agreement. However, because so many different factors can negatively impact a person’s credit, it’s common for lenders or other third parties to draw unfair or inaccurate conclusions from a bad credit situation. Bad credit can result from bankruptcy, unpaid or late-paid bills, court summons regarding the settlement of a debt, debt-related court judgments, making multiple credit enquiries in a short period or even from identity theft. Because there are so many things that can affect credit, we often have clients who didn’t even realise they had a credit problem until a loan application returns as declined.
  • Bad credit lasts for five to seven years. Whatever the impetus, bad credit typically hits your record when a third party—claiming that they were not paid or not paid on time—reports that incident with the credit reporting bodies in Australia. What most people don’t realise is that, once that information is on your credit file, it stays there for anywhere from five to seven years. Even if you pay off the bills that led to the bad credit, it is not a ‘bad credit fix,’ as said credit remains on your credit file.
  • It is still possible to remove bad credit from your file. ‘So how do I fix my credit rating if even paying off the bills that led to the bad credit doesn’t do the trick?’ This question—or variations of it—is something that we hear every day. Fortunately, there are ways to fix a credit report to make sure that the bad credit doesn’t linger for the better part of a decade. Many companies do not follow the proper protocols before defaulting a late payment and reporting someone’s bad credit. As a result, the credit laws in Australia provide space for a credit score fix company such as ours to remove the bad credit in some situations. Keep in mind that we can help only if your creditors did not follow the correct credit laws and procedures when reporting your default to credit reporting bodies. We know what to look for with these breaches in legislation. If we can find such a violation with the reporting of your credit, we can have those adverse credit events removed from your record within ten to thirty days, rather than five years.
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What Sets Credit Mend Australia Apart Regarding Bad Credit Fix Services?

We know that many people in Australia are wondering how to clean bad credit and that there are hundreds of businesses throughout the country that offer services aimed at doing just that. What makes us the right credit fix company to have in your corner? Consider these key differentiators:

  • We seek to educate our customers. Part of the problem with credit is that a vast number of people don’t realise what events can damage their credit, nor do they know how to check and monitor their credit to ensure they aren’t losing out on opportunities due to bad credit. We strive to help our clients develop improved financial and credit literacy so that they are more prepared if a bad credit situation happens again in the future.
  • We don’t charge upfront. Many companies that offer ‘fix my credit score’ services charge their clients up front, sometimes even requiring payments of thousands upon thousands of dollars. We feel that it is unfair and unethical to require upfront payments, especially given that we cannot remove bad credit in every instance. As such, we only ever charge the client upon the removal of their bad credit.
  • We offer competitive rates. We know that, for some of our customers, clearing bad credit is just the first step to turning over a new financial leaf. Good credit can open up so many opportunities, from better jobs to better housing to business loans or home loans that can change lives. We want those opportunities to be accessible to the broadest array of people possible, hence our competitive and affordable rates for our services.
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Why Trust Us for Your Credit Fix in Australia

Bad credit can have numerous long-lasting impacts on your life, ranging from mild inconveniences to huge disruptive barriers. At Credit Mend Australia, we not only know what it’s like to go through these difficulties, but we also know how to fix a credit score and are passionate about helping people eliminate the barriers that bad credit can cause. If you are looking for help improving your credit, you can count on us. Get in touch today to learn more.

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