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What You Should Know About a Home Loan with Bad Credit in Australia

When it comes to getting a home loan with bad credit in Australia, most consumers are reluctant to proceed with a non-conforming lender, due to inflated interest rates.

Credit Mend Australia specialises in removal of disputable defaults from personal and commercial credit files.

Good news! If your credit file can be restored this process may increase your chances of financing your home and lower interest rates due to you not being seen as a major credit risk anymore, should you be able to remove your adverse listings(s).

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The Benefits of Getting a Home Loan Without Bad Credit

The answer to your question ‘can you get a home loan with bad credit?’ is yes. There will be non-conforming lenders who may let you borrow money; however, it will cost you more, higher interest rate of course due to the adverse credit file or history. (LMI) Lenders mortgage insurance will not insure you for your deposit if you have adverse credit history or bad credit, so therefore you are then required to have to have a 20% deposit cash, required for the purchase of the home loan generally as a minimum. So considering credit restoration can possibly restore your credit worthiness so you are no longer judged on your credit file history, there are numerous advantages to seeking the services of a credit repairer before applying for a loan.

  • Get a higher credit score:When you default on a loan, you get a black mark on your file which means a drastically reduced credit score. Banks and other major leaders will have access to this data and will likely decline your application due to irresponsible lending.
  • A credit repair service may be able to restore your score to a higher setting.
  • Increase your chances of getting a loan approval by a bank:If you have your credit file amended before applying for a home loan, the lender will not be aware of any issues that you may had in the past. Therefore, banks will assess your loan application as if you have a clear credit history and therefore, more likely to approve your credit application.
  • Reduce your overall payments:Rather than using an alternative lender, you may be able to get a home loan from a bank and have your interest rates set at a fair percentage. This means you may be eligible for a lower interest rate compared to your non confirming lenders.
  • The advantage of conducting a full credit file assessment with Credit Mend Australia, you can also ensure the accuracy of your personal information on your file and having a full understanding on how the comprehensive reporting system operates in Australia.
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What You Can Expect from Credit Mend Australia When You Want a Home Loan on Bad Credit

  • Initial consultation:Our friendly team will give you a free credit repair assessment. Regardless of your location in Australia, with one easy phone call, we provide you with a detailed explanation of our process, your credit rights, companies obligations, and how we may be able to assist you in restoring your credit score. Once we receive your written consent, our highly qualified team will perform a full credit check.
  • Investigation process:First, our team will investigate procedures that companies may have used, which resulted in your negative listing. We will then ask you various questions regarding your experience with the creditor and the default discrepancy. Our questions can include broad queries that may not be specific to each negative listing on your file.
  • Engaged with our service:Provided that you meet the criteria surrounding the possible breaches of reporting codes of conduct and privacy laws, we will approve you for our services & to start a full investigation at a small cost of $499 Gst inc and audit all outstanding creditors.

After conducting a full investigation, upon receiving a confirmation of default removal in writing by the creditor, only then we charge a removal fee off $654.00 Gst Inc per removal of each negative listing e.g. “defaults, Serious credit infringement, summon and writs” We can have credit removed from your file within thirty days upon confirmation of removal from the creditor.

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Why Trust Credit Mend Australia Regarding a Home Loan with Bad Credit?

Our professional team have extensive experience and knowledge of credit restoration. We provide exceptional customer service and can help ease the financial stresses in what can be an extremely frustrating and financially debilitating position to be in.

Our directors have previously led top credit repair companies and highlight their excellent management skills in our team’s dedication by exhausting every avenue necessary to assist our clients. We have a very high success rate in removal of disputable defaults and judgements and a 5-star rating on Google.

Don’t wait call Credit Mend Australia today for your obligation free credit file assessment on 1300 425 610.

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