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How to Fix Bad Credit History with The Help of Our Professional Team

At Credit Mend Australia, we have 11 years of experience in the industry and know just how to fix bad credit history. If you have any defaults against your name, it can prevent you from obtaining loans, having to deal with high interest rates, and it can even affect your job and rental applications.

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What Sets Credit Mend Australia Apart Regarding How to Fix a Bad Credit Rating

We understand that an imperfect credit rating can have a limiting effect on your life. It is a frustrating position to endure. Yet, help is available, and you can speak to our professional team to help you with your poor credit record and how to correct it. 

  • Our team members come from various backgrounds in the financial industry, each contributing a vital role to add to the exceptional service we offer. 
  • If we are unable to fix your bad credit rating, our service is completely free of charge as we only charge when we are successful. Once we manage to fix your imperfect credit, you’ll enjoy the benefit of our very affordable fees.
  • We are committed to delivering customer satisfaction beyond your expectations and will try all possible means to amend your credit record. Currently, we have a success rate of 99 percent, giving you additional confidence in our service.
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What You Should Know About Bad Credit and How to Fix It

To clear your credit record, there are certain aspects regarding the matter you need to understand to avoid any frustration with the process.

  • When you receive bad credit to your name, it will remain present on your credit file for a period of up to five years. Even when you settle the amount, it will still reflect and affect all likely future loan applications. 
  • You are not alone in a frustrating position. Statistics indicate that one out of every ten Australians has low credit score to their name. 
  • Nobody can simply remove bad credit and fix your credit record. The only way how we can achieve it is by investigating the matter, and when we can prove the plaintiff who recorded your debt didn’t follow all the needed steps, we can remove the debt from your credit file. Fortunately, it’s often the case that they didn’t adhere to all the steps, leaving us with our high success rate.
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Things You Can Learn from Credit Mend Australia

Even though we can help you remove bad debts from your name and amend your credit record, it’s always best to prevent it from happening in the first place. The following aspects attribute to attracting an inferior credit record:

  • Defaults remain on record for up to seven years
  • Court judgements stay on your file for five years
  • Summons or writs remain on file for five years
  • Late or missed payments reflect up to two years
  • Bankruptcy reflects for five years
  • Debt agreements can linger on you record for five years.

Contact us to help you fix your credit rating and regain your financial freedom.

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