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Stop Wondering How to Fix your Credit Rating Yourself and Contact Us

By partnering with a professional like Credit Mend Australia, we can show you how to fix your credit rating and offer advice on how you can keep a favourable credit score. If you are wondering how to fix bad credit, our friendly team can assist in regaining a good credit score.

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What You Can Expect from Credit Mend Australia Regarding Credit Rating Repair

We understand that nearly every aspect of your financial life is largely governed by your credit score, which is why we offer a comprehensive analysis and programme to assist you with your bad credit score. 

  • When you appoint us for your credit rating repair, we firstly figure out where you stand regarding your credit reports. We investigate all the creditors linked to your profile and work alongside these companies, and yourself, to obtain all relevant information that can assist in your credit score.
  • If we find any errors on your credit report, we will dispute them on your behalf. We gather all information to back our query up and will submit all necessary documentation as proof for the disagreement.
  • We offer industry-specific advice regarding creditor payments, how to avoid additional credit, budgeting, and payment schedules. 
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A History of Credit Scores and How to Fix Bad Credit

The most vital question surrounding every loan taken out will always remain the same: Can I rely on the debtor to repay?

  • Credit scores were invented in the 1950s and relied on character judgements. When early credit agencies first started, representatives would often gather information from local businesses to find out if the applicant was reliable in paying the money that they owed.
  • In the mid-50sBill Fair joined up with mathematician Earl Isaac to create a uniform, impartial credit scoring system that took off within two years. Today, this company goes by the name of FICO.
  • The current FICO score system is today’s industry standard. Your score is a number measured between 300 and 850 and is based on your payment history, amounts owing, length of credit history, types of credit used, and credit enquiries. In Australia, Equifax is our credit reporting agency that stores everyone’s credit history and personal information. 

Our credit systems are constantly evolving due to technological advancements. From reputation-based, qualitative assessments, to quantitative valuations based on data analysis – the process may change, but the basic principle will always stay the same.

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What You Stand to Gain When You Use Credit Mend Australia

With the current fluctuating economy, the need for credit rating repair has become increasingly required. We offer peace of mind by only charging you once we have removed your unfavourable credit as well feel this is the ethical procedure to follow in this circumstance. Take advantage of our high quality, reputable service and learn how to fix bad credit to pave your way to a more financially stable future. We support you in building a better credit rating, and help you achieve your desired financial goals. Contact us to set up an obligation-free consultation.

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