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We Can Help You Deal with a Magistrates’ Court Judgements

Several factors affecting the global economy have resulted in many Australians falling behind on their debt repayments. However, if a creditor has followed the correct processes, you could find yourself hauled to court for the sum you owe them. Magistrates’ court judgements refer to decisions the court makes about the money you have to repay to the creditor. Credit Mend Australia is a company that has been assisting consumers with improving their credit record while addressing the bad credit.

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What You Should Know About Magistrates’ Court Judgements

Having a judgement against your name can be detrimental to your future goals and aspirations. It’s difficult to obtain credit in any form when there is a blot on your credit profile. 

  • The creditor may inform you of a judgement against you which you should follow-up on by contacting the court. Ask them about the amount of the judgement, the date the creditor obtained it and the name of the creditor. 
  • If you believe you don’t owe the entire amount or a portion of it and you have valid reasons, then you should seek external help. If you’ve mounted a defence and the court still finds you responsible, you can appeal the decision with a higher court usually within 28 days. However, if you’ve not lodged a defence and the court decided to issue the judgement, you can present a reasonable argument which may lead the court to set aside its initial decision. 
  • When the judgement against you is legitimate, you can pay the amount in full, negotiate a settlement amount with the creditor or make arrangements for monthly payments. The other option is to apply to the court to repay the debt in instalments which the court will determine as an affordable amount and the duration of the payments. 
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What Sets Credit Mend Australia Apart Regarding Magistrates’ Court Judgements

If you have any judgements, defaults or bad credit listings on your profile, we have the experience in removing them. You don’t have to pay the creditor to remove bad credit from your profile as we can assist. 

  • We’ll conduct an initial free credit assessment. This provides us with information regarding your history and we can identify any judgements against your name. Instead of waiting the customary five to seven years to clear your profile, we can achieve the same goal within 30 days, provided that there has been a breach of legislation. 
  • Over the years we’ve helped remove 97.5 percent of bad credits with a 99 percent successful conversion rate. As such, we only request payment for our services if we remove any defaults. 
  • Our process is relatively simple and requires you to get in touch with our team and be completely honest about your credit history. If you don’t meet the criteria, we can’t assist you further but if you do, we’ll submit the relevant documents and wait 30 days for your removal. 
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About Credit Mend Australia

With over 11 years of experience in the industry, you can trust our ability and rest easy in the knowledge that you have a professional on your side, especially with a Magistrates’ judgement. 

Contact us to commence the process of gaining financial freedom.

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