You acknowledge:

a. Credit Mend Australia cannot remove bankruptcy;

b. Credit Mend Australia makes no assurance for improving or changing your records of creditworthiness with any credit reporting body as a result of our investigation.

c. The “admin fee” of $499 inc GST is a fee payable for Credit Mend Australia to conduct an investigation and attempt to get the “negative listing” removed. The term and any reference to “negative listings” only includes consumer & commercial defaults, court judgements, clear-outs or serious credit infringements, summons and court writs removed, and does not guarantee the removal only the attempt to try and remove. And is non refundable.

d. The “removal fee” of $1,495 inc GST for Court Judgments is only payable upon written confirmation from creditor or “Plaintiff” that they will remove. You as the “client” agree and are liable to pay the “removal fee” once the written confirmation is received from the Plaintiff and is payable within 2 business days of receiving this confirmation.

e. The “removal fee” of $595 ex GST is payable per “negative listing”, “default”, “writ”, “summons”, upon written confirmation from the creditor.

f. Should the creditor or “Plaintiff” not give written confirmation of the removal then the “removal fee” fee is not payable and no other “fee’s” or “charges” are payable to Credit Mend Australia.

g. Our standard “admin fee” for our investigation service is $499 inc GST. This fee is payable upon authorising Credit Mend Australia to proceed with the investigation and attempt to remove the “negative listing”, “default”, “writ”, “summons”, “Court Judgment”, “serious Credit infringement” and this “admin fee” is non refundable.

h. Our fee increases by intervals of $595 ex GST inclusive for every additional “negative listing” thereon on the client’s credit report(s).

i. Credit Mend Australia charges a $99 fee including GST towards removal of each enquiry on the client’s credit report(s).
The client acknowledges that the Credit Mend Australia makes no representation or promise of rectifying or changing the client’s records of creditworthiness with any agency or credit reporting body or in obtaining finance. And only unauthorised “or”“and” fraudulent enquiries can be removed.

j. By providing your contact information to us you authorise Credit Mend Australia to make contact with you by email or by phone call or any other way of corresponding with you that you have willingly and knowingly provided to us;

k. You are over the age of 18 years;

l. All “deposits”and or “admin fee’s” are non-refundable;

m. Your case will be closed and you will not be eligible for a full or partial refund if you do not respond to Credit Mend Australia’s attempts to contact you via phone calls, SMS or letters for greater than 60 days:

n. The scope of our work for court judgements is limited to:
– Assisting with filing the correct appropriate legal documents with the correct court registry;
– Potentially get the courts to set aside a default judgement;
– Request your judgement creditor/plaintiff to sign the appropriate consent orders. These consent orders will state that the parties agree to set aside the judgement;
– If the judgement creditor agrees to sign the consent orders, we will file them with the appropriate court registry on your behalf. The court will consider the consent orders. If appropriate, the court will make the orders and advise the parties that it has entered them. Once the parties have entered the orders, the credit reporting agencies will be automatically notified; and
– In the instance the creditor does not consent to setting aside the judgement, an application can be made to the court seeking to set aside the judgement (rehearing). We cannot provide assistance with this, the company has a partner lawyer which we can refer you to at your own expense.