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Remove Your Credit Default in Australia and Enjoy Financial Benefits

At Credit Mend Australia we will only charge you if we can remove your credit default in Australia. If we have no success, you will pay no fees. A good credit record is your key to success in various areas of life as the impact of default to your name can sometimes cause a broad ripple of negative results in your future. Our friendly team is always ready to assist with the help you need to clear your name with our professional service and affordable rates.

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Problems Credit Mend Australia Addresses

Do you have real estate in mind that you truly like and want to purchase, but your loan provider denied your application? Even if it’s as far back as five years ago, bad debt can still taint your credit record in several unpleasant ways.

  • From the moment your credit record attracts severe debt or defaults, it will remain visible on your file for up to five years. Even if you have settled the outstanding amount, the non-payment remains present, always reflecting on your credit file when you want to apply for loans at banks or any other financing institutions. Even when you are merely in the rental market, a rental agency can deny your application based on what they see on your credit file. 
  • If you are fortunate enough to get approval for your application regardless of a negative credit score, such defaults to your name can result in less favourable interest rates. Subsequently, even if you’ve settled your debt, you can still pay an additional price for a mistake years earlier.
  • Many companies complete credit checks on all new employees before employment. When a company finds you have any defaults to your name, they are within their full rights to decide against employing you even if you are the best candidate only due to your credit record. 

Our team can help you remove a credit default listing and clear your credit record, giving you a fresh page to start on and to prosper in the future.

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What You Can Expect from Us Regarding How to Remove a Default from A Credit File

When you give our professional team a call to discuss your concerns, we make sure you understand the process we use to remove a paid default from your credit file. We’ll give you a quick explanation of the local credit laws and how the default system works.

  • Once you’ve provided us with your consent to proceed in writing, we can perform a full check of all three credit files to determine your exact situation.
  • The next step requires some serious investigation. We determine what procedures companies followed to record the listing against your name. The process also requires that we discuss the nature of your discrepancy with the creditor to decide whether they followed all the needed procedures.
  • If we can confirm that you meet the criteria to have your name cleared, we can proceed. If it isn’t the case, we will decline your application and you’ll have to wait out the period until the default expires. If we are not successful in the process, we don’t charge any fees.
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Fast Facts About How to Remove A Credit Default

It is important to remember throughout the entire process to remove a default from you credit file that it’s impossible to delete any defaults from your name unless we can prove the plaintiff didn’t follow all the required processes. Fortunately, it is often the case, giving us our high success rating. 

Are you struggling with a paid default on your credit file? Contact us and let our team take care of it.

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