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If you have bad credit, you know how hard life can become! From everyday purchases to investments in your future, your credit history can come back to haunt you. The good news is, Credit Mend Australia can remove your bad credit, regardless of whether the account is outstanding or paid. This is achieved by stating the legislation the company had breached before the negative listing was against you.

(National Credit Act)

(Credit History Check)

Remove Bad Credit

The time that negative information stays on your credit file varies
depending on the type of listing

fix my default


Defaults are listed on your report for five years, or seven years in the case of a Clearout or Serious credit infringement (this is when your creditor can’t contact you).

credit repair australia

Serious Credit Infringement (SCI)

Serious credit infringements stay on your report for 7 years. Paying the debt of the (SCI) once it is listed on the credit file does not remove bad credit from your credit file history.

restore my credit file

Court Judgements

Court Judgements remains on your credit file for five years.

remove financial summons

Summons & Writs

Summons & Writs remains on your credit file for five years.

Clean credit report

Late and Missed Payments

Late and Missed Payments on loans and credit cards are recorded on your credit file for two years.

how do I fix my credit


Bankruptcy is listed on your credit report for five years from the date you were declared bankrupt.

Our Mission is to help you restore your credit file and gain back your financial freedom.

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At Credit Mend Australia, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to improve their credit score and regain financial freedom.


(Credit repair services)

The significance of a good credit score

Credit Mend Australia has helped countless Australians completely repair their credit ratings and take control of debt.



Results of Bad Credit

  • You may not be able to get a loan
  • You may have to lend off high interest lenders
  • You may not be able to set up everyday accounts like phone, utility, rentals
  • You may not get certain employment

Benefits of Good Credit

  • You may get the lowest interest rate available and save thousands
  • You may get loans approved ( providing you meet lending criteria)
  • You may open accounts for everyday purposes like phone, utilities, etc.
  • You may have more opions and opportunities with good credit.

Your credit score is based off of credit bureau assessments.


credit score australia
credit score australia

Our Process


Our intention at Credit Mend Australia is to ensure consumers are aware of their credit rights and entitlements, providing knowledge to make educated decisions based on their personal circumstances and needs, to deliver awareness of credit restoration options.

(Debt Plan)

Upon receiving your written authorisation, our team will help you to access your credit file information, from all three credit reporting bodies. We will then explain your current credit position and Options available in relation to credit restoration.

AUDIT OF CREDITORS (Financial Assistance)

Once you have 100% of the information you can than make an educated decision based on your personal circumstances. The Audit covers a full investigation of all adverse listings and we start the credit restoration process by attempting to removing black marks and increasing your credit score.


Only once we receive written confirmation From the creditor that they will remove the Listing or (adverse on file, default or judgment) Only then do we charge a removal fee, If we cant Remove it, we do not charge.
Based on 137 reviews
Chris Turnbull
Chris Turnbull
Mani is an absolute legend. Not only did he have my Telstra default removed( while he was in hospital), but also had my debt cleared. Thank you so much.
Denny Tangka
Denny Tangka
Mani the Director from Credit Mend. What can I say. His work, commitment and dedication was unbelievable. He was able to get rid of my default from Virgin Money and Citibank within less than his agreed time frame. I wasn't able to get a car loan because of this and Mani has made this happened. I am now in a better position and ready for a new beginning. Thank you Mani, you have been amazing.
Angus Oneill
Angus Oneill
I couldn’t be anymore happier for the Director of Credit Mend Australia, Mani for restoring my credit file in less than 30 days. He successfully removed 3 Defaults from my Equifax Credit file. The best thing about credit Mends service he managed to wipe my Money 3 Default removed and debt of $9600. So technically I received credit Mends service for free and I’m able to borrow money and get a new car. Thank you Mani and Credit Mend Australia for changing my life 🙏
torin orlando
torin orlando
Had little faith in the industry to begin with but Mani bent over backwards to get the greatest outcome possible even though there was no breach in which saved me thousands! Had a fast turn around time of 26 days would Recommend to anybody who is looking for such a service with results
Matthew Thomson
Matthew Thomson
Just used Mani at Credit Mend Australia, awesome, quick and easy service, Mani was able to get the black mark and the late payments of the record so I can continue to rebuild our life and remortgage our property. Highly recommend to use Credit Mend to for fast and efficient service. Upmost Professional and caring person, I can’t have ask for more and could not be more happier. Regards Matt T
Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz
They are amazing. Mani is the legend he just removed my default in 2 weeks only. They are fast and very professional. These guys know what they do. They are so professional and responsible. They are not only fix your problem also they educate you about your past and future financial situation. Highly recommended. Thanks guys. Really appreciated it.
Leigh Metzeling
Leigh Metzeling
The director Mannie was second to none... Mannie was attentive 24/7.. Honest along with evaluating all possibilities to come to a solution.. Finance Sorted - Would 100% recommend Credit Mend ahead of any other agencies. You are not just another number with Credit Mend Australia..
John Covic
John Covic
highly recommend Credit mend and the team, they worked tirelessly to have complex defaults removed, thank you Mani and credit mend team for all the professional assistance along with the desired outcome. Our life is back on track after so many years of pain , once again
Ngan Le
Ngan Le
Mani is the best in the business! Answered every question and outlined the process from beginning to end. Cannot recommend Mani and his team enough!! Thank you Mani & CreditmMend :))
Sequoia Stewart
Sequoia Stewart
Mani was incredibly helpful and removed my credit default so quickly. I am so grateful for what he has done for me! I had a credit default from Money3 and Mani was able to get the debt completely removed I HIGHLY recommend Credit Mend Australia, dont waste your time with other companies

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Defaults A credit provider can list a default on your credit report if: the payment has been overdue for at least 60 days. the overdue payment is equal to or more than $150. a notice has been sent to your last known address to let you know about the overdue payment...

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Debt Management

Debt Management

From 1 July 2021, providers of debt management services (including firms offering ‘debt negotiation’ or ‘credit repair’ services) are regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (National Credit Act). This means providers of these services must:...

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Credit Scores

Credit Scores

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